Bickham Property Preservation Services LLC knows the importance of property preservation inspections and monitoring the condition of delinquent properties. We provide accurate inspection data early in the process to alleviate risk and remove unnecessary expenses. Through inspections, we can learn about a property’s condition, occupancy status, and damages in order to address issues early on. This can reduce future costs, time commitments, and inconveniences. To ensure the preservation of a property and avoid the negative community impact of vacant properties, mortgagees must conduct regular property inspections. We offer extensive inspection services, including:

Occupancy Inspection
An occupancy inspection can determine if a property is (i) occupied, (ii) vacant but obviously being maintained, or (iii) vacant and abandoned. We understand the importance of your investment, so we only employ highly trained field inspectors who are the best at ascertaining the condition and occupancy of properties.

Bankruptcy Inspections
Inspecting properties when declaring bankruptcy is indispensable, and we know the sensitivity required for this kind of inspection. We can gather knowledge from external assessments of a property from the street, including information about its condition, occupancy status, and potential documentation issues that could lead to code violations or further damage to the property.

Property Condition Inspection
Our qualified inspectors are always concerned with providing accurate information about properties through property condition inspections. This helps clients avoid risks and false assessments that could be exaggerated by third parties.

Disaster Inspection
When a disaster affects your property, we are here to help you. Our disaster inspections report the scope of damages caused by disasters for homeowner insurance claims and repair purposes. These inspections provide an overview of the condition of a property.